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Work with Kadijah towards success in personal and spiritual life.

UCG Global

UCG is a ministry founded by Prophet Aldi & Kadijah Essandjo and was launched years ago as a ministry for its global partners under the leading of the Holy Spirit. UCG is equipped to travel the world for the sake of the Gospel and “unleash” the brokenhearted and bound by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Genesis & Grace Publishers

Genesis & Grace Publishing House is a platform and home for talented writers who have a story to tell. Authors and aspiring writers who believe they have a solution to society’s most undermined or unresolved issues. We are a publishing house for those who believe they have a message.

A Healthy Woman

It is through your partnership, love and support that women in need of mental, spiritual and emotional help will be able to come into the knowledge of a master plan of peace, abundance and freedom that God has planned for them! Take the step in helping Kadijah reach more women around the globe.

Spiritual Counseling

Kadijah’s holistic and interactive counseling approach considers the whole woman, including all aspects of lifestyle. She works from a broad definition of spiritual health that leads to an experience of elevation and transformation in whatever area you are hurting or need spiritual guidance.

Speaking Engagements

As a successful women’s pioneer in ministry and in business, Kadijah Essandjo gives proven strategies to improve personal results, organizational performance, effective leadership, increase mental and emotional cohesion while developing winning mindsets, rituals, and routines.

Unleashed Conferences

The Unleashed Conferences are set to unleash and free the oppressed. The conferences include singers, a band, intercessors, pastors, leaders and so much more! Through his conferences, many have been healed from HIV/Aids, Cancer, Depression, Financial Instability and many Barrenness.