Trusting in God’s Timing.

I recall years ago when my now husband and I were engaged, along with the excitement of a wedding, we made arrangements to go venue shopping the next morning. But on that night when I went bed, God spoke to me and told me that my husband (my fiancé at the time) and I were not allowed to leave before 12pm. When I woke up that morning, I was still determined to leave before 12pm because our destination was further than we perceived. All the more, it was a Saturday; so the venue closed a lot earlier.

I called my fiancé and as soon as he answered, he went on to tell me how God told him that we were not to leave before 12pm!

At this point, you would think that two confirmations were enough to stop us from going, but unfortunately those two confirmations didn’t stop a determined son and daughter of God from wholeheartedly attempting to make it to their destination before it closed. We had every excuse in the book as to why we couldn’t wait until after 12 to leave. We even prayed that God rebuked the plans of the “enemy” so that we could be able to leave the house without any hindrances.

But in spite of our early waking up, prayer and excuses, when it was time for my fiancé to get in his car in order to pick me up, the car wouldn’t start! The car worked fine the day before and all of the previous days, but all of a sudden, it wouldn’t even start. It stopped working as soon as God said, “No!”

At that moment my fiancé called me and said that we had to cancel our plans. Witnessing this, he and I couldn’t do anything but fall on our knees and pray to God in sincere repentance for moving ahead of His timing, for being disobedient and trying to go where He said not to.

Yet we were still thankful because in spite of our pressing to move forward, God still held us back.

As soon as we finished praying, guess what time it was? 12:01! Looked like we could leave after 12 after-all!

Still having his car in mind, my fiancé went back to the car and it ran as if it never stopped! God is amazing and real! He knows your future better than you do, and He knows what will be best!

Often we only rely on our logic and move based on what we feel is best, so much so, that we bypass what God is saying and what He’s protecting us from. Though we may feel as though we will miss an opportunity, God knows that there is something better!

Obedience is better than sacrifice. My now husband and I sacrificed our morning to get up early and make it on time that we disobeyed God! Just because you may have worked harder than before, gave up some of the things you never wanted to give up, if you aren’t obeying God it means nothing. God would rather you listen and obey than give up things. He would rather you yield than lose!

God didn’t stop us from venue shopping because He didn’t want us getting married. Neither will He stop you from accepting that offer because He doesn’t want you to get it. That’s not the God we serve. He often stops things simply because they aren’t in in His timing, and before elevating you, He wants to test you as He tested Moses. This is to see if, even after you receive it all, will you still look up to Him? Will you still listen and obey Him?

God is wanting us to learn how to trust His timing! Trust that He will open the door when the time is right. He will elevate you when it is time. He will let you move when it is time! Just because it didn’t happen now does not mean that it never will! In fact, it will happen but you MUST LET GOD MAKE IT HAPPEN! God knows all things. Let the One who sees all things protect you from all things, so that you can receive everything He has for you, without any hindrance to you and your destiny.

No matter how hard you work, no matter the things you have given up, if God says no, whatever you are trying to make happen won’t happen or work! What I love about God is that even though we disobey Him, He still loves us enough to protect us. He will never let us get too far out of sight. His strong and powerful hand always finds us and lifts us up! You won’t lose if you listen to God! Even if it hurts! In fact, you’ll gain so much more and last even longer than you would have, had you walked into your destiny without the knowledge you needed, the right crowd around you and so forth.

Trust God. He knows the plans He has for you and it is His desire for you to prosper. Trust that He will make it happen and make it better than what you could have! This is because the doors God opens for you cannot be opened nor closed by man. Let God work for you and enjoy the godly elevation that He will give you!

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