One day my lovely family of four was coming home from a little family trip. My husband and I wanted to take the girls out for some fun and fresh air. As soon as we arrived home, me and my oldest walked in the house first. But in order to get to our rooms, we go up a flight of stairs. So I started walking up the steps and when I noticed I didn’t hear footsteps behind me, I turned around and saw that my oldest still was at the bottom of the steps. I urged her to hurry and come up. I tricked her by saying that I’ll leave her alone. I even shut off the light momentarily hoping to scare her to come upstairs but none of these efforts worked. She refused to come up the steps. She kept looking back and waiting for something or should I say, “someone’s” presence and approval before moving forward.

The moment my husband walked in the house, my daughter greeted him with the biggest smile then finally walked up the steps with him. I looked at my daughter in shock and wondered why she waited for her dad to come before she can come upstairs? Then I heard God say, “IT IS OK TO WAIT”

Moses told God that He would not go unless God went with and before him! God is looking for a generation of people who carry this mentality! A people who will not leave without knowing that God is with them and is going before them! God said it is ok to wait! I threatened to leave my child by herself and to leave her in the dark but none of those threats moved her!

Don’t let any threats move you either! Don’t let the fear of being alone, the talks and the laughs against you push you into something God isn’t in! Don’t let the jealously the enemy will try to implement on you by seeing others go before you and get “there” before you do, make you enter into your destiny prematurely, which causes you to lose before you even get a chance to feast! It is ok to wait on God!

When you wait on God, though you may have started late, you will end up ahead of all of the rest! The difference between you and one who started before you without waiting on God will be you lasting longer then they do. It will be you shinning even brighter! You will do things that took them years to learn better than them! When you wait on God you will always be at the head of the table. Waiting on God doesn’t mean you are slow, it means you are preparing for success!

With God nothing is impossible so if you choose to wait on a God who has all things in His hands, all things will be placed in your hands! You can do all things through Christ! It is okay to wait for that marriage, accept new things in your life and so forth! Letting God lead you will be the very thing that gets you into doors that you would have never been able to open on your own!

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 KJV

It is okay to wait!

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