Don’t Become Who Hurt You



I faced a lot of attacks from people who were closest to me. Those attacks made me bitter, angry and simply fed up, to the point where I wanted to not only treat them how they treated me, but do so on a worse scale. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity presented itself, but it never did. Instead, I spent time in the shower imagining scenarios where I went completely off on those people.

I kept refreshing the memories, and the frustration and the hurt that came along with the attacks. To be honest, I became worse in my heart and mind, then I ever was before! I cried out to God because this rage wasn’t who I was. This retaliation wasn’t who I was! I wanted peace, but I hated being disrespected! I wanted an apology, but I was tired of being stepped on. I wanted change, but I didn’t want to see their faces ever again. My emotions and desires conflicted, and I become ever-more miserable. I needed God to heal and restore me.

Suddenly, He showed me something that forever changed me. He showed me, “ME!” He showed me myself being full of joy, happiness, peace and freedom. From that moment, I realized how much I had changed. I realized how this new attitude reflected those who treated me wrongly. I wept because that wasn’t who I was! I didn’t feel like the woman God showed me anymore.

Though my patience was tested, my heart was broken and my mind was confused. It was never God’s will for me to change into someone else! The enemy will send people to knock you over, and to challenge your heart and mind, but God is the same yesterday today and forever more.

The same God who sets you free, declares that you are free indeed! Your mind and heart are free from all involvement of the enemy. The enemy wants you to become bitter and miss out on the greater, which you are about to receive.

The enemy knows that if he can send someone to hurt you, so much so that you become like them, you will begin to hurt yourself more than they did. The enemy will no longer need a mediator, when you are the dictator! But, the devil is a liar! Jesus lives in you. When I realized that I was not like those who tried to tear me down, I rose up to victory!

The enemy tried to attack you by trying to get you to attack yourself, and by attacking your confidence in God, and who you are in Christ. Therefore, overcome him by reminding yourself of all that God created you to be!

I became sure of myself in God that no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper, and that my peace in God, my peace of mind, heart and soul were worth more than the evil someone did to me.

While they lived their lives, I prospered in mine. They awaited for my destruction; instead, they got to watch me receive everything they tried to destroy, and more. What I am saying is, do not become like them! Become better than them. They may have broke you, but they didn’t destroy you!

You have life, and life more abundantly, and no one can take that away! You have joy. You are a joyful person!

You are loved; there’s no better love than the love of God, and you will be justified.

Leave it in God’s hands. He will take care of your enemies while you receive His promises with a sound mind. Vengeance isn’t yours; it is the Lord’s. Walk in your freedom, knowing that you didn’t lose anything, or anyone that will help you into your destiny!


Scripture references:

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