Who Is Kadijah

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Kadijah Essandjo is a wife, a mother of two lovely girls, an authentic prophetess, an author, entrepreneur and a strong advocate for women.

She is called to bring deliverance, and a shift in the mindset of today’s generation. She encourages people to never settle, and become the Godly, and pure version God has designed them to be. She is also very passionate about helping children succeed in God through her new, and upcoming school called, “Growing In Grace.” She operates with a strong prophetic mantle that is extremely rare in today’s era. She hears God with an incredible accuracy, and is the founder of “A Healthy Woman” ministries.

Along with her husband Aldi Essandjo, they minister worldwide, delivering the oppressed and bringing a new wave of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
She is a mentor and counselor to many people globally. She is unashamed of her love for Jesus Christ, and the Person of the Holy Spirit.